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Ƶapp research with unrivaled coverage.

The industry analysis and forecasts you need to make strategic decisions, backed by data.

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Ƶapp analysis with an eye on the future

Learn what’s behind today’s industry trends and where your market is headed next so you can future-proof your business decisions.

IBISWorld Mitigate Risk Ƶapp Research

Mitigate risk with Ƶapp research

Assess the industry from all sides to avoid blind spots and make smarter strategic decisions.

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    Leverage industry reports and risk ratings to mitigate the threats you can control and plan for the ones you can’t.
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    Compare industry financial ratios and benchmarks to help quantify the risk of doing business.
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    Identify opportunities and threats present in any industry to bolster your risk management frameworks.
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Find your competitive edge

Discover the forces working for or against you in any industry to help you rise above the competition.

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    Understand which companies compete in the industry and the barriers to entry new businesses face.
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    Uncover geographic nuances and opportunities using business concentration and global trade data.
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    Ready your talking points with accessible key takeaways and call prep questions.
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Understand market dynamics

Turn days of research into hours or minutes using actionable industry insights that paint a holistic picture of the market. 

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    Discover the driving forces behind supply, demand, market size, risks and revenue trends.
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    Understand the growth trajectory of any industry with five-year data forecasts.
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    Present industry statistics, pain points and key success factors to help you gain credibility with your audience.

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Streamline your research process with industry reports covering everything from established sectors to emerging markets across four continents.

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Independent, accurate and written by experienced analysts. Our industry analysis, company database and economic insights support businesses of all sizes, across all markets.

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“You could spend hours researching for the information that IBISWorld has at your fingertips. IBISWorld gives you far more than most resources do.”

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